Who can see my youtube channel

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By default, anyone who uses YouTube can see the videos you post. But for the sake of your business you will want to make sure of this. The watch time report shows you which videos your viewers like watching and how much time they spend watching them. You can see the watch time, views. Update the privacy settings of your video to control where your video can From the left menu, select Videos. Select the Live tab to see your live uploads.

Each YouTube channel has a unique user ID and channel ID. These are You can see your channel's user and channel IDs in your advanced account settings. It depends on what your privacy settings are: If you set these two options to keep your liked videos and subscription private then nobody will be able to see them. When you create a new YouTube channel, it's public by default, and anyone can see your channel's homepage. Your videos may be hidden, however, unless.

If you don't want others to see the videos you like or the channels you subscribe to on YouTube, you can change your account settings so that your activity is. Public is the default setting and that means anybody can see your video. Private even those who do not have a YouTube account/username. YouTube's UNLISTED video option gives users something between the Public and Private settings. Unlisted videos can be seen and shared by. Remember that changing your YouTube name will affect who can find you, including those trying to cite your videos for research (see: How to. If you're using a YouTube Channel as a marketing tool for your business or non- profit, This information can then be used to tweak your Channel to make it more For example, if you click on "USA," you'll get to see a breakdown of the states.

YouTube is owned/controlled by Google, so a Google account will also have a YouTube account. It allows students to see the next video automatically when. Once you have access to the new YouTube channel Community tab, you can use it to reach audiences in the following ways. Note that the. Finding YouTube Analytics for Your Channel You can also see the retention data of viewers that came to your video by organic traffic, paid. Connecting your business to YouTube can be done in a matter of . subscriptions and “liked” videos set to public so viewers can see them.

Reasons you might not be able to see a video you converted, compressed or I uploaded my video from Clipchamp to YouTube but it's not in my channel. By default, YouTube lets users view the playlists you've saved on your profile. However, did you know you have the option to hide your saved. If the video is Private, it will not play for other users. The video must be Public or Unlisted. For more information, please visit YouTube's help. People trust a product or someone selling a product more when they can see the face behind it. Videos, statistically, increase sales across the.